Park Check List!

  • Call City's Parks & Recreation Department
  • Obtain the Proper Permit
  • City's Insurance Requirements
  • Reserve your Inflatable and Generator

Clubhouse, Club, HOA

  • Find out their Insurance Requirements
  • Reserve your Inflatable

Having your party at a park? Here are a few things you need to know
If you are having your party at a park and would like to rent an inflatable jumper, please make sure to do the following so your rental does not get shut down by the park ranger.

You will need to contact that particular city's Park & Recreation Department to make a reservation and get a permit. Some Parks have special areas/shelters for Inflatable setups, these areas get book fast. Make sure you tell the city that you would like to have an inflatable jumper at your party so you obtain the proper permit. If you do not get the proper permit, we cannot set up a jumper for you. It's your responsibility to get a permit.

*Most parks do not have an electrical outlet, or do not allow you to use their outlets for our air blowers that inflate the Inflatable jumpers. This means you will need to rent a generator from us to power the blower. Generators for parks are rented at an additional cost of $60. We do not bring "extra" generators "just in case", so if you are unsure if you will need a generator, please ask.

We will also require a $35 Park fee, it includes additional Insurance certificate and deliver/pickup within the hour. Park rentals are up to 5 hours only.

We are licensed, fully insured and approved to deliver to all parks.

If you are having your party at a private clubhouse, country club, or in an HOA residential area and need to show proof of insurance or an additional insured, please let us know. The $35 park fee will apply, if an additional insured certificate is needed.

Parks and Recreation
  • Phone: (951) 826-2000
  • Email:
Riverside Info.
Moreno Valley
Parks and Recreation
  • Phone: (951) 413-3280
  • Email:
Jurupa Valley
Parks and Recreation
  • Phone: (951) 727-3524
Parks and Recreation
  • Phone: (909) 350-7600
  • Phone: (909) 349-6900

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