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We can deliver most of our inflatable units to parks, Jumpers-Bouncy Houses, Velcro wall, Boxing ring, Sumo, Jousting, Bungee run, Slide jumper combos, We also have tables, chairs, linens, concession machines like snow cone, popcorn, hot dog steamer, and cotton candy, canopies, heaters, piñata Stands, and more...

We are committed to serve the best products, with competitive prices and offering and amazing customer service experience, from the first contact when ordering the jumper until the time it is picked up at your house, from our experienced and polite crew.

We rent inflatable water slides, and many other interactive water games, like water tag and dunk tanks, but you will have to ask the city if the park allows Water units

City of Riverside, Park rentals
Inflatable bouncer rentals at parks

Planning a inflatable Jumper party in a Riverside city's park? Below is a list of parks in the city of Riverside, and a link to their parks and Recreation Department. At Epic Jumpers, Inflatable Rentals, we strive to make your party planning process as easy and convenient as possible.

Riverside Parks website

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Andulka Park - 951-683-0667
5151 Chicago Ave. Riverside, CA 92506

Arlington Heights Sports Park - 951-826-2000
3860 Van Buren Blvd Riverside, CA

Bergamont Park - 951-826-2000
19275 Bergamont Dr. Riverside, CA 92508

Bobby Bonds - 951-826-5746
2060 University Ave.

Bordwell Park - 951-826-5355
2008 Martin Luther King Blvd. Riverside, CA

Bryant Park - 951-351-6135
7950 Philbin Ave. Riverside, CA 92503

Carlson Park
4700 Buena Vista Ave. Riverside, CA 92506

Castleview Park
6306 West View Dr. Riverside, CA 92506

Challen Park
4602 Challen Ave. Riverside, CA 92503

Collett Park
10950 Collett Ave. Riverside, CA 92505

Dario Vasquez Park
2400 14th St. Riverside, CA 92507

Don Derr Park
3003 Monroe St. Riverside, CA 92504

Don Jones Park
3995 Jefferson St. Riverside, CA 92504

Don Lorenzi Park
4230 Jackson St. Riverside, CA 92503

Doty Trust Park - 951-654-1505
5410 Golden Ave. Riverside, CA 92505

Evans Sports Complex
4555 Market St. Riverside, CA 92501

Farimount Park
2601 Fairmount Blvd Riverside, CA 92501

we serve the Inland Empire area

Goeske Senior/Handicapped Center
5257 Sierra St. Riverside, CA 92504

Golden Star Park
1739 Bradley St. Riverside, CA 92504

Harrison Park
2851 Harrison St. Riverside, CA 92503

Highland Park
780 Glenhill St. Riverside, CA 92507

Hunt Park - 951-351-6132
4015 Jackson St. Riverside, CA 92503

Hunter Park
1401 Iowa Ave Riverside, CA 92507

Islander Park
3794 St. Vernon Ave. Riverside, CA 92507

La Sierra Park
5215 La Sierra Ave. Riverside, CA 92505

Lincoln Park
4261 Park Ave. Riverside, CA 92507

Loring Park
3787 Mt. Rubidoux Dr Riverside, CA 92501

Low Park
7101 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, CA 92504

Martha McLean/Anza Narrows
5759 Jurupa Ave. Riverside, CA 92504

Mission Ranch Park
Lurin Ave. and Obsidion Dr 92507

Mt Tubidoux
Mt Rubidoux Dr and 9th St.

Mt Vernon
275 Blaine St. and Valencia Hill Dr. 92507

Mtn View Park
6241 Wiehe Ave. Riverside, CA 92506

Myra Linn Park
4540 Meredith St. Riverside, CA 92505

McCall Equestrian Campground
28500 McCall Park Rd. Mountain Center, CA 92561

Newman Park
3780 14th St. Riverside, CA 92501

Nichols Park
5505 Dewey Ave. Riverside, CA 92504

North Park
3172 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside, CA 92507

Orange Terrace Community Park
20010 Orange terrace Pkwy Riverside, CA 92508

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Patterson Park
1846 Linden St. Riverside, CA 92507

Rancho Jurupa Park
4800 Crestmore Rd. Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

Rancho Loma Park
11343 Rancho Loma Dr Riverside, CA 92505

Reid Park
701 N. Oranges St. Riverside, CA 92501

Riverside Sports Complex
1000 Blaine St. Riverside, CA 92507

Riverside Dog Park
Corner of Pierce St. and Riverwalk Pkwy 92505

Rutland Park
7000 Rutland Ave. Riverside, CA 92503

Ryan Bonaminio Park
5000 Tequesquite Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

Savi Ranch Park
11520 Arlington Ave. Riverside, CA 92505

Shamel Park
3650 Arlington Ave. Riverside, CA 92506

Springbrook Clubhouse
1011 N. Orange St. Riverside, CA 92501

Swanson Park
5725 Glenhaven Ave. Riverside, CA 92506

Sycamore Canyon WIlderness Park
400 Central Ave Riverside, CA 92506

Sycamore Highlands Park
5777 Fair Isle Dr Riverside, CA 92507

Taft Park
6826 New Ridge Dr. Riverside, CA 92506

Thundersky Park
20540 Thundersky Dr. Riverside, CA 92508

10081 Victoria Ave. Riverside, CA 92503

Villegas Park
3091 Esperanza St. Riverside, CA 92504

Washington Park
2769 Mary St. Riverside, CA 92506

White Park/Dales Senior Center
3936 Chestnut St. Riverside, CA 92501
Inflatable Combos
Riverside Combos
  • 4-1 Combos
  • Super 4-1 Combo
  • Mini 4-1 Combo
  • Batman Combo
  • Disney Cars Combo
  • Dora Combo
  • Pirates of Caribbean Combo
  • Disney Princess Combo
  • Tinker Bell Combo
  • Sports Arena Combo
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Interactive games
Riverside Inflatable Games
  • Boxing Ring
  • Bungee Run
  • Bumper Cars
  • Jousting
  • Sumo
  • Basketball Cage
  • Soccer Cage
  • Softball Cage
  • Velcro Wall
  • Twister
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Water Slides Games
Riverside water Slides
  • Mega Dolphin water slide
  • Frozen double slide
  • Slip and Slide
  • Hydro Blast
  • Dunk Tank
  • Water Tag
  • Water Slide Obstacle
  • Water Slide Jump Combo
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Inflatable Obstacle Course
Riverside obstacle Course
  • Obstacle 6-1 Combo
  • Super obstacle Course
  • Obstacle Course Jump Combo
  • Epic Obstacle Combo
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